Maintenance of ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans in our homes are slowly picking up all dust, bugs that are there, fat coming out of the kitchens and cobwebs, so it gradually changes color, acquiring spots and looking like the worst element decorative our space. Clean and keep them that way is not easy, but it is possible with a few best ceiling fans maintenance simple tips.

A very important tip is to remove the dust that is located on the top of the blades, like cobwebs, dust and bugs and midges who stay there. To not use a duster and you run the risk that everything that is there above fall on you, I recommend taking a pillowcase you no longer use, put it on top of each blade and dirt will stay in there for that then you throw it away.

After you have finished each of the blades with the pillowcase and if dust still remains, you can continue with duster because it will be much less dust and dirt left up there, you can also get rid and dust left in the round part in the middle that was not affected by the cleaning blade until it is completely clean.

If you later want to remove stains that have been, I recommend using a sponge and mild soap with water, you are going to put gently to avoid scratching the blades and then retire with a damp cloth. You can also use other stain removers for furniture, but make sure they are not very strong and can ruin the shine or have your fan finishes.

If your bill and electric bill is so high that you decide to give up the use of air conditioners, you can choose to use ceiling fans. Properly installed, a ceiling fan can move stale and hot air, creating a cool and comfortable atmosphere in any room of your home. Here are some tips for use and care:

1. Get the right size fan for each room. One which is too small is not enough. And a fan which is too large will blow dust everywhere. Ask your local market over the best size for a suitable room. Then be sure to install it correctly, to avoid the risk of remaining the uneven pallets or loose screws may result in the fan falling whole or broken.

2. Turn off the fan when the room is empty. There is no reason to keep running when no one is around to enjoy the fresh air. The continued use of a fan will produce engine wear, and you need spare parts or a new fan, not to mention the cost of the installation. Use the fan only when really necessary, and only when someone benefit from it.

3. Inspect the fan every year. First, turn off the power, then move the paddle up and down, to show that they are fixed. If the device includes lamp bulbs inspect for cracks or breaks. Then look bulbs and gently pull them and pending fan strings, if any. Tightly secure any slack or replace those that are broken or are not working properly. If you notice any short circuit in the electrical system or a flashing light, call an electrician for review.

4. Clean the fan every one or two months. Turn off the appliance and light. Stand on a ladder or chair and use a clean, dry cloth to pass both above and below each pallet. Then wipe the fan base, turning the cloth when dust accumulates. Gently wipe dust glass lamps, or remove them and clean them if necessary. Replace the burned lamps and tightropes.

5. Clean the areas that surround the fan, since they attract and repel a lot of dust, which ends perching on nearby walls, artifacts and even on the ceiling. Be prepared with a wet cloth, depending on the area that will clean and remove all the accumulated dirt. In the kitchen, fan dust can be mixed with the fat mixture creating a dark sticking on the walls. A damp cloth may not be enough to remove this mixture. Look cleaning fluids to find one that can work best for painted or papered walls.

Ceiling fans are attractive and functional. Visit your local market or lighting store to see the latest models you can install in your home. Then remember to carry out the maintenance required to keep it running properly.

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Air pressure paint sprayer.

Understand the difference between the tires paint equipment and airless paint equipment helps you choose the right machine for your projects. Paint sprayers offer quick paint and high quality finishes. Both types of paint sprayers are capable of spraying all types of finishes, but each is best suited to the specific spray paint and finishes.

On this article, we provide you air pressure paint sprayer reviews.

Air-Powered Sprayer

An air paint sprayer is best known as an HVLP sprayer (HVLP low pressure means higher volume). This means that volume of product is sprayed under low air pressure.


Airless paint sprayers use a pump to force the paint through a hose. This type of paint sprayer uses high pressure amounts to transmit high volumes of paint.


Each type of application has its own characteristics. An HVLP sprayer uses an air-powered base. One end of an air hose is attached to the HVLP or the base of the machine, and the other end of the pipe is attached to a paint container and the gun. An airless paint sprayer also has a pipe with one end connected to the sprayer and the other end connected directly to a spray gun. Paint cans are not necessary with an airless paint sprayer.


A HVLP sprayer functions by sending air through the hose and into the gun. When the shutter button is pressed, a portion of the air is redirected into the cartridge. The air flowing into the container causes the paint to raise a tube and the gun nozzle. The diverted air pressure reductions when it mixes with the paint. The result is a fine spray at low pressure. Airless paint sprayer uses compressed air to operate. An airless sprayer has a pump which draws paint from a container and forcing the paint through a hose. At the opposite end of the tube is a gun without a cartridge. The interior of the gun is a valve that opens when the shutter button is pressed, allowing the paint under pressure to flow from a small tip. The paint gun emits a high volume and high pressure.


The advantage of the HVLP spray is that it does not create a lot of splashing. Because the paint is low pressure, there is very little rebound of the paint. These sprayers are used to spray fine finishes when spraying can cause problems. They are also used for spraying expensive finishes such as lacquer. There is very little waste of your product when using an HVLP. An airless sprayer also creates a very good finish, but it also creates a lot of spray. The main advantage of an airless paint sprayer is speed. Large areas can be painted quickly with this type of sprayer.


Always wear protective clothing when using powered paint sprayers. Respirators must be warn when spraying or epoxy lacquer and dust during the spray latex masks products. Safety glasses should be worn at all times. All it takes is a little wind to blow paint back in your face. Never reach into the path of painting from an airless sprayer. The high pressure will integrate the paint into your skin and can cause blood poisoning.

Advantages of electric gun paint-sprayer

Very effective, the electric painting fun has an important advantage: speed of application.

Example: painting a louver with a stun gun takes 3 minutes, against 45 brushes; a radiator 10 minutes against 1 hour. If you master well the device, it is possible to paint 1 m² per minute!

Drying is also fast. The paint is dry to the touch after 3 minutes. The second layer may be applied only after 5 minutes.

The other advantage of the stun gun is that it allows, through its precision, saving about 30% compared to paint roller application. Moreover, thanks to the adjustable flow of paint, there is no risk of sagging.

Note: The electric gun can be used for all media: walls, ceilings, wood, metal, upholstery … and as it is very handy, it also lets you paint on narrow subjects such as doorways or windows, or bars.

In addition, the electric spray gun is easy to maintain. Just rinse the paint bucket and the pipette with clean water. As for the head of the gun, fill the bucket 2 to 3 centimeters of hot water, put all the parts in place and spray the water until the bucket is completely empty.

Good to know: there are on the market for low-pressure electric paints stations at different prices depending on options (one or two guns, for example). From 30 to 150 €.


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Woodwork painting step to step guide.

The climate require high demands on the exterior painting. With a professional quality wood paint, careful process and regular maintenance keep all wood in excellent condition. Today, we will give you tips on how to pain woodwork.

For this job you will need:


  • Undercoat
  • Lacquer
  • Brushes (size 12 and size 18)
  • Felt Rollers
  • 2 brackets (roller container)
  • Putty
  • Painter Tape
  • Foam Roller
  • Sandpaper (fine and coarse)
  • Turpentine
  • Paint
  • Stir Blades
  • Paintbrush (2.5 liter container)


  • Paint dryer
  • Scraper
  • Sharpening
  • Belt sander – See belt sander reviews
  • Spatula (wide)
  • Putty knife (narrow)
  • Bucket of water
  • Sponge

Step 1

Remove loose paint timber by means of a triangular scraper, and optionally a paint dryer. Remove the rotten wood with scrapers and chisels until a sound wood.

Tip! Provide sharp scrapers. This makes working easier. Sharpen the scrapers with a small grinder. Sharpen the edges slightly convex, so that the tips of the scraper does not scratch the wood.

Step 2

Clean the surface of the wood clean and grease with an environmentally friendly paint cleaner (no ammonia). For this work you need a bucket of water and a sponge.

Step 3

Sand the surface thoroughly. It becomes bare wood with coarse sandpaper (P80) and the existing coating with fine sandpaper (P120).

Step 4

Large holes can be sealed. Let it harden and then sand it smooth.

Step 5

Treat it became bare wood with primer and let it dry.

Tip! Brushes can be cleaned and reused very well. Put dirty brushes and rollers in a jam jar with water or turpentine. Shake well before use and pat dry on paper or paper towels. You can wrap them in aluminum foil.

Step 6

After the first coat primer is dry, small bumps may be primed.

Tip! With prolonged poor maintenance the wood is too wet to work directly with lacquer paint. Painting bare wood twice with primer and let it dry 6 to 9 months. Paint after with a lacquer. You can also apply two layers of a so-called one-pot system. You can paint directly in the desired color.

Step 7

Apply primer to the filled areas and the first layer of primer. For outdoor use bare wood, always fill it twice.

Tip! Between each layer of the wood, it must be sanded and dusted. This is important for a smooth and slippery surface for a good adhesion of the next layer.

Step 8

Glue the edges of the windows and frames with masking tape.

Tip! Remove the tape immediately after the job. Under the influence of sunlight and paint, it will bond the tape to the substrate. Let it sit too long? You get it down hard.

Step 9

Dip the brush several times in the paint and string it more against the rim of the can. Do this until the brush is saturated, but not dripping.

Tip! With natural wood: dilute the paint (maximum 10%) so that it penetrates deep into the wood. Stir the paint first through for 3 minutes.

Step 10

Put the paint generously on. Painter with long, strong pull in the direction of the grain. Ironing to prevent drips overlapping pieces. Spread the paint after in the direction of the grain.

Step 11

Use in large areas a roller. Divide large surfaces in imaginary boxes. Painter from left to right and from top to bottom in overlapping jobs. Make sure the paint is well distributed over the roller and paint now with the grain.

Step 12

Let the primer dry thoroughly. Putty all imperfections away. Sand the surface with fine sandpaper (120 grit). Remove the dust.

Tip! The rinse water and turpentine used for cleaning brushes and pickings wet paint are chemical waste. Dried paint is not hazardous waste. Rollers can be dry and dispose the garbage out.

Step 13

Varnish the wood down into at least two layers. Put the paint, but be careful not so thick that it will drip. Allow each coat to dry well (see drying on the label). Sand the paint with fine sandpaper.

Tip! In the high-solid paints (such as SPS) is a layer of this paint is almost equal to two layers of a normal paint. It is therefore important to use high-solids paint is not to paint too thick. Because this paint takes longer to dry.

Tip! Remnants of paint can keep you long. Pour the paint over in a smaller tin. Beat the cover with a hammer. Turn the can around here and then turn it off straight. The paint thus ensures itself an airtight seal, virtually eliminating sheet.

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5 steps to choose your rice cooker.

The advantages of a rice cooker

Rice cooker

That’s the question I’ve asked myself … My first motivation was cooking rice. After doing research, I was quickly convinced that the rice cooker was a blessing for cooking rice.

Asians are convinced long time ago, yet in our country we are still likely to think that no one needs a cooker to prepare rice, but it is clear that one cannot successfully cook rice like basmati rice or even less as brown rice and there are different cooking methods of rice, for absorbency or overflow, if it is not perfectly mastered, it will gives even hard rice (incomplete cooking) or a sticky dough (overcooked) to ruin your dish. The rice cooker offers many benefits. With cooker, say goodbye to rice overcooked or undercooked. You will always get perfect cooking.

The cooker also allows not having to watch the cooking, as at the delayed start by example. The machine will stop by itself, without you having to intervene.

You can also easily flavor your rice by adding spices in water, before the start the cooking.

Some devices are equipped with a steam basket. This will allow you to cook other foods such as vegetables or fish, which will benefit from steam to cook. You will have a complete and healthy meal, as no fat has been added.

Although the name suggests, the cooker does not cook only rice. Take the opportunity to cook lentils, quinoa or bulgur. Vary your meals by cooking a variety of cereals or legumes.

You will be surprised; cooker also allows you to make some pastry recipes like the cake or pound cake. Do not deprive yourself!

What you must remember to buy the best rice cooker

Before buying a rice cooker

The rice cooker is more than just a device. It will not only allow you to achieve perfect cooking but also to all other cereals. Its ease of use invites you to use it daily with various foods. Its steam cooking offers healthy meals, low in fat while the nutritional qualities are preserved.

Versatile, compact, and intuitive, this is the must- have unit in your kitchen. So treat yourself!

There are many types of rice cooker (rice cooker, pressure cooker), cruder which are simple heaters with thermostat and timer to the more advanced which have a function like Fuzzy logic with the choice of the type of rice , slow cooking under pressure, microwave, gas etc ..

The rice cookers allows you to cook more rice, vegetables and other types of grain … Your choice will depend on your budget and your goal.

  1. Define the desired capacity

Above all, you must define the size you need. It depends on the number of people in your home. A capacity of 0.8 L will be perfectly suited for two people, while for a family of 4 to 6 people must take a capacity of 1.5 L. A larger tank will also allow you to cook the rice in advance.

  1. Find a location for the cooker

Buy a cooker is good, but to put it in the kitchen is even better. Set out where you can store it and choose a model adapted to the chosen location. There are more or less compact.

  1. Identify the strength of the device

Each rice cooker has its characteristics. Among the various options, here are some to remember: keep warm after cooking timer, delayed start, nonstick tank, pressure cooking or induction, steam basket, etc.

For example, you will appreciate the delayed start and keep warm if you come home late at night, your meal will be ready for your return.

That’s for you to judge, as needed, the device that best meets your expectations.

  1. Consider the use

You just bought your cooker, you do not understand the instructions and you are therefore not ready to cook rice. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, think of the practicality of your cooker. Select a simple model to use, but also easy to maintain. It should be cleaned easily, if the elements are removable, they are dishwasher safe. Ask yourself these questions during your selection and choose a model that meets your criteria so as not to regret your purchase.


  1. Look at the comparative

Thanks to the internet, it is very easy these days to compare the products which we hesitate before buying. Do not hesitate to look at the different reviews on the model you have chosen. Compare it to other models to see the advantages and weak points of each. Also pay your attention to the price, for a site to another or between various stores, the difference can be significant.



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How to store your gun properly.

This article is about how to store your gun properly. You can also look for further information about gun safe reviews to use it safely.

Storing guns

Proper storage of guns is an essential part of responsible ownership of guns, and there are several tips that can help you keep your gun safely. Consider how to store your weapon and what your situation requires.

Unloaded gun

Before placing any weapon in its storage location, make sure it is unloaded, and then check again when you remove it. The California Office of the Attorney General recommends treating each weapon as it is loaded, and it is important to remember to check both when storing the gun and taking it out of storage, especially if more than one person is able to access firearms.

Preparation for storage

Firearms that are used regularly require no special treatment before going into storage; guns that are rarely used have some needs. If a firearm is in long-term storage that could last for years, it must be cleaned thoroughly. All metal parts must be covered in grease gun. For a pistol happens in the medium-term storage, the gun should be cleaned and then sprayed with a product such as corrosion or X CLP Break-free.


Drying out

Most firearms and firearms cabinets are not completely waterproof, and unless you are careful, moisture can seep in and damage the firing mechanism. By placing the gun in a bag to protect before placing it in the storage, there are other ways to prevent moisture. To avoid the effects of water in your storage unit, use a dehumidifier wand placed with your weapons. Similarly, you can also choose to place a bag or box of silica gel in the storage unit to absorb moisture.

Lock It Up

A gun safety prevents the pistol from being released or accessed by people who do not have the key or combination. To ensure that the weapons are stored securely, install trigger locks or cable locks. A trip latch fits around the trigger and the trigger guard to prevent the gun from being fired. A cable lock loops a strong steel cable through the firing mechanism of the weapon to prevent accidental triggering. Both locks are open with a combination or key, and they add an extra level of security to your storage of firearms.

Keep your guns away from your children

For whatever reason, you want to truly keep a gun at home, discharge, engage the trigger lock and keep it in a cabinet or a house which locks or lock in a cupboard.

NEVER leave a loaded or unlocked gun in an accessible location. You can buy a trigger lock and a housing which locks in most gun shops or sporting goods stores. They are cheap, and really deserve!

Tell your children that guns are very dangerous, and should never play with. If they find a gun, they should immediately notify an adult.

Talk to your children about firearms and violence.

Teach your children to manage their anger, to channel it through the arts, sports or other activities.


Show your children how they can healthily express their anger and disagreement.

Here are some positive solutions to try:

  • Talk about feelings rather than to act.
  • Making choices to avoid the fight.
  • Get help from trusted adults.
  • Develop solidarity with friends.
  • Learn the non-offensive communication.
  • Know mediation techniques.
  • Become familiar with the purely defensive self defense modes (Judo, Aikido)


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Quick Review of 05 Best Record Players.

Are you looking for a best record player? Then this one should be a good idea. The sound coming from a record player, is often just a bit more original and better quality. You can use a record player for different purposes. This may for playing records, but you can also use this device as a DJ. Choosing a turntable directly depends on the use you want to do. If you want to scan your black discs to keep a backup or to listen to them on a CD player with the convenience that entails, you will turn to a board with USB connection. The Ion manufacturer is a specialty. Fairly easy to use, these plates are not optimal in terms of sound reproduction.

Manufacturing is often quite basic and cells dedicated little qualitative. In short, it is not ideal for decks quality listening, obviously their specialty being the extraction of analog information to digital transfer. Note in passing that the digitization of vinyl records lose the “hot” side of the transcript, which is the prerogative of the analog. To start listening to your vinyl, so you will need a dedicated player. And choice in the matter is important these days, may be more, paradoxically, that before the arrival of the CD. We give below some tips with points that you should look for when you buy a record player.

One of the things you should probably pay attention when purchasing a record player is probably the sound quality. Maybe you want to also connect the turntable on the computer or as a DJ. For most purposes, it is possible to find a suitable record player.

First, there is the appearance of turntables very bare, especially in the English specialist Rega or the entry / mid-range of the Austrian manufacturer Pro-ject. These decks are easy to use but technologically worked much more than it seems. To achieve sound quality, builders working on the materials used for the support (often sandwiches materials of different resonance frequencies) on the flow of vibrations on the lightness of arms, etc … Do not trust the plumage of these plates, they are very good quality and fit perfectly within an input audio system and midrange. In addition, the cell is often provided of origin, they are almost ready to use right out, except a few settings.

With the following information we will give you detailed information about the various functions and features of a record player:

  • Stringed or direct drive
  • USB
  • Automatic or semi-automatic
  • Placement
  • Phono jack

Stringed or direct drive

For home, a belt drive is fine. The string is even able to absorb vibration and speed variations of the motor. However, you will need to replace the string so many times.
A direct drive is mainly for DJ-use benefits. One of these advantages is that this drive system is maintenance-free for many years.
In well known online shops like Media Markt, and Wehkamp, there are often record player from famous brands like Akai, Ion, Lenco, Denon and Philips. Use a coupon and purchase a cheap turntable to one of these shops.


Today, several record player feature a USB connection. These are specifically designed to connect to a computer. This allows you to put your records on the computer. You have the ability to archive and digitize your record collection.
Automatic or semi-automatic

Do you really want a pure, old-fashioned sound? Then choose a semi-automatic or automatic turntable. True purists usually opt for an automatic record player or a model with only an automatic shut-off. An automatic record player is again easier to use. This makes you and your whole record is played automatically. With, you can stop the record at the touch of a button. An automatic record player you can start playback or stop at the touch of a button.


The record player must be on a stable surface. Never place a record player next to a loudspeaker, this affects the sound quality negatively. The sound quality of your record is also better if you take off the dust cover of the record. In more expensive systems, there is a complete removal of the dust cover during playback which is an improvement in the sound.

Phono jack

Before you buy a record player, whether there is a phono input is on the receiver or amplifier. If it is not, you can choose a integrated amplifier or purchase a separate phono amp.

Best record players

Marantz TT-15S1: € 1,799.00
Denon DP-300F: € 259.00
Denon DP-300F: € 259.00
Ricatech Rmct305 Universal Wooden Music Center Table: € 78.00
Ricatech Turntable RTT68 Melbourne: € 77.00


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What can you do with the meat grinder?.

If the butcher can made meat product, you can too! The meat grinder is recently very popular. We have tested this and tell you all the tips and tricks. For a sausage roll, it still tastes really better with homemade meat grinder.

How does it work?

With the meat grinder, you can grind meat, vegetables and nuts at a time. To start, put the mill together. With the description, you can easily rotate the stick and grind the meat with hands. It is important that the blades with the smooth side to be screwed in, this blades also separate the meat fat.

You can choose from three different attachments: two discs and an attachment for sausage. Choose the tool that best suits your recipe. The two steel discs are available in two sizes, with large holes and small holes. The small disc is perfect for meat and the large one can be used for example for grated cheese. For sausages, there is a special attachment to, so you can make this easily yourself.

When you have everything put together, and have put a tray under the mill, you can start. Put as first established the mill with the sucker. Then you can do the meat in it and turning the handle, though you chopped your homemade after a few seconds! Tip: Order the meat grinder online is much cheaper.

What can you do?

The beauty of a meat grinder of course is that you make it yourself. You know exactly what’s coming in the mill and what goes out. You can easily make your own meat for sausages or pate. But you can also use it to grind nuts and vegetables.

With the kind of meat you can have different dishes. You have to discover yourself what you like. There are no set rules. The only thing that is very important is the fat content of the meat. It must be a little fat, otherwise turn your meat into tartar. You can go to the butcher for advice on meat. But when you use 75% beef and 25% pork, it should go well.

Before you start to be all cool. Put advance the meat and the meat grinder in the refrigerator. The meat must first cut a cubes, about 2 × 2 cm.

The test

Everyone was curious to see how the mill works. We have gone to the grocery store and put everything in the fridge. in following content, we will give you rescipe for sausage rolls.


375 grams riblappen
125g pork belly
Packet of puff pastry (10 sheets)
1 egg
Seasoning to taste


  • Cuts the meat into cubes of 2 × 2 cm. Put the meat grinder in place with the suction cup and place the white bucket underneath.
  • Put the meat on top of the mill. Make sure you have a good ratio of fat and meat. Start with a little and add more later.
  • Turn the handle so that meat comes from the mill. Catch this meat on the tray. Put all the meat through the grinder. For additional chopped you can get the meat twice through the mill. When your meat is done, add seasoning to taste. We used nutmeg, pepper, salt and paprika. You had better not to use just too strong spices because it is just weakened slightly.
  • Preheat oven to 190 degrees. Role sausages from your meat grinder.It’s easiest to do this with a pastry bag, but you can also do it manually.
  • Place the sausage on a sheet of puff pastry, fold the sheet of puff pastry inwards and make it tight with a fork.
  • Brush with beaten egg then.
  • Collage all the sausage rolls on a baking tray with a sheet of parchment paper. Put them in the oven for 20 minutes or until the rolls are golden brown.
  • Remove them from the oven and let them cool down. Serve on a plate and optionally with a spicy sauce.

Yummy! It is of course very easy to buy from the store. But when you make your own meat you can taste the difference. Homemade meat tastes much better. The meat can be used immediately or frozen. It is super convenient. This is also a godsend if you have different kinds of meat.

Try it yourself? According to the meat grinder reviews the price is only of € 49.95 to € 24.95!

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The criteria related to the mower when choosing a riding lawn mower

You are wondering about the criteria when choosing best riding lawn mowers for your large garden? Read our riding lawn mower reviews for the best choice.

Cutting width

A short cut width (60 cm) offers great maneuverability. Greater (1m), it can cover a larger area and offers a time saving. Depending on the area of the garden, it is also of the engine power.

The type of engine

All riding lawn mowers are engine, 4 stroke, high power using gasoline and cooled air. The start is usually electric, in rare cases it can still be done by the launcher.
Pay attention that: Do not overlook the maintenance of the engine.
Select the power output according to the cutting width.

The housing

On all models, it is in sheet steel, a material that is resistant to shocks. Some manufacturers treat the cutting deck against corrosion, increasing its longevity. In all cases, regular maintenance is required: go to water jet cutting the casing after each session.
The cutting deck can be floating, perfect to the track unevenness. It is a single strip, bimetal or rarely trilame, housing one, two or three cutting blades. For more blades, check that the housing is offset from the axis of the tractor for optimal mowing.
Usually placed under the driver’s seat, the cutting deck can be at the front wheel on some models. This is called coronal section so that the mowing is more accurate.
The clutch of the blade – useful for advancing without cutting, cross an avenue for example – can be done manually or electromagnetically, for added security.

The chassis

There are several designs, and the life of your lawn depends on it. The strongest is the one-piece seamless frame beam. Other frame types have welds and are therefore less robust.

The accessories

– A mulching kit to turn grass clippings into nutritious mulch for your lawn;
– Lighthouses to mow in the dark, or to take the road (check the registration of the mower for this use);
– The front bumper to protect the carper hood;
– Anti-scalping tires to reduce tire tracks on the lawn.
There are also many accessories for using your machine to mow. You can add such as:
– A broom to clean your lawn of dead leaves;
– A defoamer to remove moss from your lawn;
– A ripper to loosen the soil and aerate the soil;
– A spreader to make compost for your lawn;
– A trailer for transporting heavy equipment;
– A roller to compact the soil;
– A sprayer to spread a weed killer or other liquid treatment product;
– An aerator for high traffic lawns;
– A snow blower to remove snow from the lawn.

Safety tips

The riding lawn mowers are very safe machines, for example when the driver gets up from the seat, the engine and the blade stop instantly. However you need to follow some rules to prevent household accident:
– Never leave the mower unattended unless the wire from the spark plug is disconnected;
– Keep children away from the mowing area;
– Children under 16 should not operate a riding mower.

After Sales Service – Service

The mowers have a long lifespan, on average the riding lawn mower will last for 9 years. A good service will ensure a speedy intervention of an expert and the availability of spare parts for your mower model. On the site of plants and gardens, the sheets of our riding mowers and all our riders offer downloadable manual mower, the after-sales service conditions and the list of technical stations licensed by major brands.

The MTD manufacturer offers its delivery Ready to start. It includes, among others, monitoring the status of the unit, setting the acid battery and charging 3 hours, mounting the seat, steering wheel, the tray (depending on model), level control motor oil, security, etc. and the handling of the machine by the consumer.


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Top 10 best cheap headphones.

A good headphone is essential if you love music and want to make the best quality of it. But the range of good headphones is huge, with many different brands, styles and functions. Sometimes you can not see the trees in the forest. The possibilities are now endless, and you do not know what you should go for. In addition, the budget is always a big factor that needs to be considered while buying a new headphone which makes the choice more and more difficult. Therefore, we have developed a good set of headphones for every conceivable use. To help you in making your choice of headphones, we have chosen for you a top 10. The list of the best headphones in 2015-2016 is up to date and compiled based on user reviews, tests and specifications. We look at these top 10 best headphones not only on quality, but also quality in relation to price (most of them are under 50$). What are the best headphones under 50? You will find them below!


Top 10 best headphones in quality and price

1. B & O Play H8

In addition to the super luxurious look, the luxury is also reflected through what you hear in these headphones: Superior sound without wires through the On-Ear Bluetooth headphones. And this headset also has active noise canceling.

2. Harman Kardon Soho BT

This headphone appearance is no doubt belong to 10 best headphones in the top. Moreover, about the noise we have to say that: the 30mm drivers and high-performance neo converters sound is really great. You control the headset with the touch panel in the outer ear, which is compatible with Android and IOS. It is also perfect for traveling because it is cordless, compact and foldable.

3. Parrot ZIK 3

The Parrot ZIK 3 is the successor to ZIK 2, both go with a fantastic appearance. The ZIK 3 has been added a nice relief, a huge luxury compared to the old ZIK 2. Besides a nice design, it is also advanced: Connect the headset via USB and listen to Hi-Fi music files, set the active noise-canceling and you will not hear any noise anymore. There is another good feature: the wireless headset is charging by simply inserting the ear on Parrot’s charging system.

4. Sony MDR-xb950bt

This wireless Sony headphone is one of the brand’s best-selling products. The music that you listen to is intense and precise and with Electro Bass Booster you can enjoy a powerful bass (which you can turn off too). The cushions on the ear cups are pressure-reducing and also closed which means that it encloses the music and so you can still enjoy more of your music.

5. JBLE40 BT

This is the most popular Bluetooth model at the moment and there is a reason: Good sound quality for a relatively small price (and wireless). Combine this with a beautiful and comfortable design, and you understand why this model is widely sold.

6. Sennheiser Urbanite XL

The Urbanite XL is characterized by intense bass tones, while the brightness remains great over, the entire frequency range. Furthermore, the headset features a durable design, a removable cable with integrated remote control and is collapsible.

7. Sennheiser Momentum

The first thing you notice about this Sennheiser headphone is the magnificent appearance, a high-quality design with adjustable ear cushions that are extra soft. Because of the remote control cable, it is easy to operate.

8. Bowers & Wilkins P3

The quality of the sound is beautiful by the damping system, drivers and acoustic fabric on the cushions. And let’s face it: This headphone looks really beautiful.

9. B & O Play H2

Designed for people with active lifestyles: the flexible and beautiful B & O Play headphones. Powerful 40mm dynamic drivers and the large frequency range of 20-22000 Hz make for a nice sound with beautiful sounds. The headband conforms to your head and ear cups that is nice on your surroundings close which is lined with 100% lamb leather ears.

10. AKG Y50

This is a headset that amazes you with its value. For a relatively low price, it is still a very good headphones! It has full and dynamic sound. Despite the lack of active noise-canceling, it works well with the soundproofing in noisy areas. It is great on the ears, even during prolonged use.

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The wedding reception in a canopy

Renting a canopy lets celebrate a wedding in all sorts of places: terrace, beach, woods, garden, backyard of a residence. Many places also offer services under a canopy, and we chose a spectacular roof! We wanted to get married in a very special place and new. We will be the first to celebrate our wedding there. The terrace is colossal (it reminded us of a large park) and is coated with a beautiful canopy. That’s wonderful.

I’ll give you ideas for decorating a canopy or a cheap popup canopies for sale

The importance of place

Paving, under the canopy, is not only an aesthetic consideration, but it is of paramount significance for the comfort of guests. Many people make the mistake of renting a canopy without thinking to the floor or by not renting floor to reduce costs. The capital, while festive and decorative it also serves another important function: to protect guests from the elements.

A canopy laid on the grass, on clay, rock dust …. will do nicely on a sunny day, but it is still necessary that there was no precipitation yesterday its installation! However, in the case of heavy rain, the guests quickly find both feet in the mud. Water seeps everywhere and in less time than it takes to raise his glass to the newlyweds! The presence of many people and their movements also contribute to degrading soil quality rapidly.

In your case, Frédérique, I do not know what is the material that covers the floor of the terrace, but even if it is concrete tile, stone dust or another raw component, I suggest you rent a floor, because in case of rain, the water will run off the ground and your guests will have wet feet! Be a level in a canopy protects the soil and allows water to flow underneath.

For those who think to ask a canopy on a lawn or in nature, think about your guests who choose beautiful dresses and stunning heels! Walking, stomping and dancing (!!) in the grass heels six inches is not helpful, and the ladies will quickly turn into lawn aeration agents that sink at every step!

Learn therefore flooring options and a floor plan in your budget: it is an expense that is far from superfluous.

The canopy decoration

There are all kinds of capitals in the market: the huge canopy with arched windows and removable curtains, sheltered garden, through the rudimentary roof reminiscent of a tempo shelter!

One constant: the hardware and the structure of the housing which may be less decorative. It is possible to hide all this without causing mechanical astronomical costs. Several rental companies offer the option of installing fabric panels draped from the ceiling and walls. Although this solution can be very costly, learn different options: one big ball in the center of the canopy fabric can camouflage the roof structure.

For the posts around the canopy, simple fabric panels will dress them in a very nice way. You can add simple flowers or wreaths are some branches adorned with foliage, respecting the season and your theme.

It is possible to run garlands of flowers or foliage fabrics of metal structures of the roof or hang small lanterns with battery candles.

I have already, to the bump of the wedding, made using hoops (hula-hoop style) beautiful “chandeliers” of flowers, using ribbons (handy for colorful cascades) and artificial flowers groves losses in small clusters or strung petals on nylon thread. These creations are inexpensive but require an individual preparation time. By cons, the effect is dramatic. I’ve also donned flowers for hanging just to cross the canopy. What’s prettier than a rain of flowers to decorate a wedding!

In summary, although the big dress, consider hiding the hardware and using it to suspend decorative elements that will make forget.

Aligned tables, quantity chairs, roof, and walls usually all white bouquet. The guests will have before me here take great importance! If there is a big canopy with a high ceiling, it is appropriate to make some pretty large bouquets, light and airy. You can use leaves and branches (curly willow, dogwood, birch), to pick up this effect by keeping a reasonable cost.

This is especially important if you do not use the roof to hang decorative elements. Height bouquets lead looks up and create a spectacular effect when entering the canopy, while forgetting the great distance between the ceiling of the floor.

If you suspend flowers to cross the canopy, consider dose in dimensions centerpieces. You can think of lower and provided bouquets. It’s all about balance!

The lighting in the canopy

Make sure the canopy comes with enough lighting or plan to hire additional spots. As for the decorative aspect of the lighting, it is important to think first about the technical constraints of electrical order! We all dream of a canopy ceiling decorated with many Chinese lanterns, crystal chandeliers and modern, zen lamps! But the passage of all the son needed this illumination can be very complicated, if not expensive! One can think to use a reasonable number of lamps in rather playing on their volume, their location, color … It’s all about proportions, and tell yourself that over the canopy, the more you will have to put decorative elements if you want to get a nice effect!

A year on the show, I had imagined very modern lamps to decorate a canopy. I used two simple lampshades, tied together vertically (to give them more volume). I had dressed in lime green organza (a marriage of colors with cream and chocolate brown). I also glued to the base of my lamps fringe colorful tassels, to give them a more finished look chicer. By arranging the strategically (above some tables and symmetrically), we got to create a magical effect chic and modern at once! These suspensions also allowed me to put less emphasis on the centerpieces: small, simple bouquets of gerberas three, along with a few leaves in the carafes chosen by the bride.

Again, it’s all about proportions and harmony between the different elements. Think simplicity and do not scatter by selecting different items that seem helpful if the individual takes but does not create the desired effect if you put them all together. Keep your thread (choice of flowers, colors, and materials) and follow your subject in all respects!

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Tips for the purchase of essential oil diffuser

1. The different diffusers of essential oils

There are several broadcast technologies:

Natural diffusion: just put a few drops on a stone in silica and leave the distribution happens naturally. The silica stone can land a hot surface for better dissemination.

The warmth: the natural diffusion process is accelerated by heat … but sweet not to alter the properties of essential oils. More intense heat burns essential oils and makes them lose all their properties. Ceramic manufacturing allows us to place the diffuser on any surface because only the upper part is heated. This type of diffuser makes no noise and is very easy to maintain, simply clean with a soft damp cloth top. This distribution method does not create a saturation of the room.

Nebulization or venturi effect: an air pump and a glass factory that will serve nozzle, will allow the creation of a haze. The glassware will burst essential oil in many fine particles and spread like a fog.

Ultrasound: poured a few drops of essential oils in water and then a plate vibrate to break up into very fine droplets of water and essential oil. A fan will then carry this visible and cold mist into the room.

Cold venting: A few drops of essential oil are poured into a polypropylene container and a fan propels the air and diffuse essential oil into the room.

2. Choosing the essential oil

The essential oil is a concentrated plant and if the plant received any chemical treatment, it will be found in the essential oil! It is important to choose an organic essential oil to make sure it contains the plant and nothing else. If the essential oil is not organic, that does not mean it is bad, it just verify the origin and the way it has been distilled.

About 250 aromatic species are known and divided into family, the most commonly used is the Lamiaceae family which groups including lavender, thyme, rosemary, mint, oregano, among others. Other great families are:

  • Myrtaceae (eucalyptus, clove …)
  • The Lauraceae (laurel, rosewood, …)
  • Asteraceae (camomile, wormwood …)
  • The Carrot (angelica, fennel, dill, …)
  • Cupressaceae (cypress, juniper …)
  • The Abietaceae (pine, fir, cedar, …)
  • The Rutaceae (citrus)

Make sure you choose labeled oil. This helps to know exactly what is in it. Indeed, oils do not have all the same effects as their chemotype. It is, therefore, essential that it be determined and indicated on the bottle.

Two labels exist to which you can trust completely:

– CTEO for essential chemotyped oil

– EOBBD for essential oil botanically and biochemically defined

To keep all of its properties, the essential oil must be in a sealed vial and away from light. So check the packaging before you buy, and where they are stored. Well preserved, they do not become obsolete.

A few tips :

  • It is important to broadcast only pure essential oils and preferably organic.
  • Never disseminate essential oils continuously would lead to saturate the air in aromatic molecules.
  • Do not leave too long of essential oils in a diffuser because they can oxidize and thicken.
  • Do not broadcast more than 5 minutes in a child’s room

3. Contraindications

Despite therapeutic properties conferred by the essential oils of their biochemical components, these components may be responsible for counters directions.

In aromatherapy it always excludes from essential oils treatments for infants because of enzymatic immaturity, pregnant women (especially during the first three months when tissues are in training), for people with allergies (asthma , …), for animals such as dogs and cats (lack of certain metabolic enzyme systems) and still without the advice of an experienced professional.

Some essential oils are very well tolerated purely on the skin, but they are the exception. Some essential oils are dermocaustic, that is to say, they irritate or impair the skin. Most of the essential oils require to be diluted to 1/5 (maximum concentration) Most often 1/10 or 1/20 or 1/100 (minimum concentration), that is to say 20%, 10%, 5% or 1% V / V or W / W in a vegetable oil (sweet almond, avocado, argan, macadamia etc.) Some essential oils potentiate each other and are therefore more effective in combination. The formulas combining different essential oils in certain indications, such as those mentioned in the literature thus have meaning.


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What are the most common types of pack and plays?

Similar to all other products related to the child, the pack and plays stand out of numerous variants. Here each product meets different functions, is better or worse for certain situations and needs and therefore also has specific advantages and disadvantages.

The differences may relate to the shape of the base and / or on the type and material of the grid. So there are pack and plays that are designed not necessarily for the journey, but rather for a firm to remain in the apartment. Others are variable in height, thus allowing a long service life, and protect even the back of the parents when they put smaller children in the playpen / place or lift. In yet another, the grid can be set up as a separate protection from stairs or other rooms such as kitchens. Still others have roles and can easily be moved and adjusted to the everyday. Also, cots are ultimately a combination of sleeping place and walking school, which must be paid attention to shatter-proof edges of the mattress here to prevent slipping and injury.

Whether you decide to fold, round or hexagonal pack and plays or even adjustable variants selected: importance in all pack and plays that meet the needs and promote the development of the child in the first place, colorful, child-friendly and the imagination appealing applications and exhibit designs and also help prevent injury if the child unattended rises out of the pack and plays. It is also important to note that all variants constant (view) ensuring contact with the parents and make them tangible. Whether by fabric-mesh grids or bars, is irrelevant in the first place.

Especially when the kids something bigger and, practiced runners are recommended for supervised moments also models where taken slip grid or even a whole grid side can be folded down so that the child one independently and can get off.

Classic pack and plays

The classic pack and plays are found completely made of solid wood and are provided with flat or round bars as grids generally. Similarly, there are also classic pack and plays made of metal or plastic that are sometimes less massive, it however usually just as robust. The floor is usually rectangular and is complemented by a soft and durable, washable pad. He is not usually directly on the floor, as feet or rollers increase it by a few centimeters.

Depending on the child’s age and type of the pack and plays, there are those that are suitable only for smaller or larger children, if they do not have a back-friendly and multi-adjustable floor. Also, have some classic pack and plays on loopholes or removable bars, which can be removed to allow the child an independent entry and exit under supervision. Sometimes there are models in which a whole grid side can fold down.

Some versions also have roles so that the pack and plays easily slid through the apartment, pulled and can be placed even where mom or dad are. Here, give special attention to parking brakes that prevent unintended rolling. It should also be possible that the rollers can be moved with little force, steer smoothly and on different surfaces, such as carpet or wooden flooring, door sills, lawn or patio.

Unlike other variants, it is not possible with classical pack and plays to use the bars separately as a room divider or fire protection. Rather floor and grid form a more or less solid unit. With the proper insert and upholstery mainly classical pack and plays are also suitable for a short sleep of the child. Despite their partially massive appearance to modern playpens can also in its classic version very quickly, partly to build even just by clicking and without screws and prove to be in regular and violent movements of the child to be very stable.

Hexagonal pack and plays

Hexagonal pack and plays are a certain spatial relationships space-saving and flexible variant to the classic rectangular pack and plays, especially as these have indeed in width and length dimensions cot (can). Here, these hexagonal pack and plays have usually as much space and features, as just casters with brakes, easy assembly, and disassembly, or even slip rungs. Especially, when the pack and play has 6 rollers, it is easier for maneuverability and flexibility.

Hexagonal pack and plays are made as the classic pack and plays with solid wood, metal or plastic and feature a padded floor. You can adjustable in height and / or have a grid that can be removed completely and use as a room divider. The advantage of this form is that it can also provide a corner and still no capacity loss. In addition, parents can from all sides equally convenient approach the pack and plays and placing the child in or lift.

Some models also have joints by which to fold the pack and plays in the degradation convenient and space saving can be stowed. In general, they are bolted to one or more points, so that a high degree of stability to be maintained in use. Depending on the diameter and pad or padding, also hexagonal pack and plays are as entertaining cot for napping or when the child falls asleep while playing

In addition, due to the geometric shape of the impression in the child that it has, and a lot of space, panoramic view ‘is made possible on the environment outside the pack and plays when it sits in the middle. It can put toys around him and especially the form less of a bed is similar. Especially in phases in which children do not like to sleep, this can be a particularly positive aspect. Finally, hexagonal pack and plays are also very useful when several children sit in it in circles over and play together, without having to sit behind or next to.

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More about the baby pack and play

The pack and plays naturally include rounded edges, no protruding points, the correct distance between the bars or a corresponding flexibility and simultaneous stability in safety nets. Furthermore, pack and play should be stable, tilt-proof and robust overall. In this article, we will provide you with some extra information about the baby pack and play.

The pack and plays accessories

The pack and plays can be extended and complemented by numerous accessories. So there are, for example, special deposits and hanging game that give the child a comfortable and above all safe seat and stand and continue to promote a number of accents and motifs creativity and motor skills support.

It should always be taken with deposits that they can be removed and cleaned by binding loops quickly and easily. Some deposits have even on skins that facilitate cleaning and also protect the fabric. Also, pack and plays mattresses ensure a stable position beside also a cozy sofa. Both liners, as well as mattress should be made of durable and skin-compatible materials. Ideally, they are as turning inserts and mattresses available, and both sides are printed, and thus bring variety to the everyday life of the child.

Furthermore, there are numerous deposits that can be directly applied between pack and plays floor and inlay. These are usually waterproof and protect against further drafty air. A pack and plays can be expanded with robust handles which help the child to pull himself up.

Even pawns belong to accessories of pack and plays, often in conjunction with hanging game. Some vendors provide when buying a pack and play and / or the matching deposit so that the toys out of the pack and plays can be stowed directly again. Likewise, there are numerous pack and plays model usually provided with Velcro pockets, in which you can store tissues, diapers or the similar.

Also changing mats and music boxes can be purchased for the pack and plays if they can not be seen necessarily as a classic pack and plays accessory, but rather as a universal childcare product- and carriages accessories too. Finally, be extra bottom increases, as well as roles partly offered as an accessory, if they are not included. When folding pack and plays or door grilles are carrier and storage bags and covers part of the accessories and allow quick transport or a protective storage.

When and how long can I use that pack and plays?

A pack and play can be dependent on equipment already shortly after birth or from the age at which the child begins to pull on objects to use (from about the 9 months), up to the age of about 18 months.

For example, there are several pack and play versions, wherein adjusting the lying surface in height and can be later removed only a few bars, then even the entire lattice structure. Other pack and plays are equally long useful where it always it arrives, the extent to which the soil can be adjusted in height and allow whether slip rungs, separate doors or other inputs and outputs both that the child can go from a certain age automatically in and out, on the other hand, can not climb unsupervised through the grid.

Some pack and plays are approved only for a certain maximum weight. This is usually seen among travel pack and plays made of plastic. Of course, the size is critical to the age, to or from when to use a pack and play or simply can not use. Assuming an average diameter of about one meter, so the child can still run with one or one and a half years in and play especially correspondingly shorter for smaller and narrower versions.

Regardless, playpens should no longer be used once the child can run freely and safely. By then – ie from about 18 months, namely it will feel the Playpen not as sheltered, but as constricting space. The exception may be if you always can access to the Playpen open and the child can walk alone out and in, as long as it wants to.

Safety gate, on the other hand, the principle also include the playpens, as well as folding playpens just in front of stairs, balconies and ovens / fireplaces can be quiet also used a little longer in order to protect the child in unsupervised moments from injury.

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My advice for a good essential oil diffusion

A good scent in the house? A relaxing atmosphere? An antibacterial action in one room? Breathing problems? … Yep, it is not necessary to use the essential oil diffusion only for scents in the house. Essential oils have other amazing properties, that is what you will discover in the following lines.

Besides the quality and choice of essential oil that are important for good distribution of essential oil, essential oil diffusion must also be taken into account for a good result. In the following lines, discover all my tips for proper dissemination of essential oil!

My advice on the period of using an essential oil?

The time of essential oil diffusion and adopted rate depends on the size of the room but also the number of people present. We advise you about 2 to 3 minutes of essential oil diffusion per hour per person.

For example, you can connect the essential oil diffuser on a programmable taken to make the most of the diffuser, but some essential oil diffusers have this integrated function.

Here are our tips for a personalized atmosphere with essential oil distribution:

  • 5 to 10 minutes per hour, or 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes in the late afternoon of essential oil diffusion.
  • In the bedrooms, to deodorize the room or to promote sleep and relaxation: 5 to 10 min at sunrise and 5 to 10 minutes before bed.
  • In the room of a patient, to reduce fever, reduce fatigue and tension, to eliminate germs. 5 to 10 minutes by essential oil diffusion time is enough.
  • Do not make an essential oil diffusion throughout the night.

Diffuse essential oils for a pleasant scent

Essential oil diffusion manufacturer’s instructions when using an essential oil is ,generally, 4 drops of oil or a single 3 each, if you take two, enough to embalm a room for two hours. There is no point in putting more! To remove odors, for example, you can use the essential oil of tea tree, peppermint, and clary sage.

But perhaps you prefer other flavors? Why not lavender, lemon or orange… which also give interesting notes in circulation? If you want good ideas, discover also my best tips for essential oil distribution in this article: scent in the house.

What other oils can you use? For proper dissemination of essential oils, here are my tips:

  • Use broadcast an essential oil 100% pure and natural (see my article on “false essential oils”)
  • Prefer an essential oil suitable for dissemination in the atmosphere.

Here is a list of essential oils that you can use in dissemination: Rosewood, Lemon, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Geranium fragrant, Lavender, Lavender, Lemongrass, Tangerine, Peppermint, red Myrtle, Neroli, Orange, Patchouli, Grapefruit, Small grain Bitter, Scots Pine, Ravintsara, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Siberian pine, or Ylang Ylang.

Feel free to test different essential oils broadcast but make sure, by reading the instructions for each of them, that they can use the broadcast, which is not the case of all essential oils.

What do you do with essential oil diffusion

Depending on the purpose, here are my tips on choosing an essential oil for better efficiency of distribution:

  • For respiratory problems: Diffusion essential oil of eucalyptus, pine, thyme thujanol, lavender.
  • To regain energy: essential oil Diffusion rosemary, geranium, ylang-ylang, lemon
  • To calm you: Diffusion lavender essential oil, marjoram, orange.
  • Against insects: essential oil of citronella or lemongrass Dissemination (very effective mosquito), lavender (tropics), geranium (especially anti-anti-wasps and flies)

Other tips:

Essential oil diffusion against illness:

  • Outbreak of flu or if you have someone at home sick, post home essential oils, and lemon.
  • The citronella essential oil can also purify your inner outbreak, especially if you associate it with a mixture of eucalyptus, tea tree, and lemon oil. If you do not have a distributor, you can simply pour a few drops of essential oil on a dish placed on a radiator.

Promote concentration

Some essential oils promote intellectual work, stimulate memory and support concentration. Using a diffuser, let circulate for a while in the room where you are working a mixture of eucalyptus, thyme, and lavender. Disseminate mandarin essential oil, this essence soothes and prepares us to sleep.


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The baby pack and play guide

The baby pack and play is paramount. It is the space that you grant him. Delimited, it allows baby to wake while remaining safe. Can be used from baby birth, the park is now a place where baby can move without risk of falling or other hazards … Around 6 months, when it will sit better, the pack and play will become a favorite playground . So essential equipment to offer!

From what age to what age?

From 6 months up to the age of the march, about 12-15 months.

What is the point?

  • To keep the child safe.
  • To install a secure area of the game.
  • To help him stand up

Why is it essential?

This is not essential but it is a “plus” convenience!

What is going to change my life as a parent?

The pack and plays allow you to go into another room of the house when the child is not old enough to move. When the child is safe installed in the pack and play, the parent is more free to go about their business with the supervisor of an eye.

How it works / how we use it / how to install it?

The park defines a closed space into which one puts the baby

It can be wooden, plastic or fabric. Foldable or not?

There are parks square pack and play, round pack and play, and angle pack and play…

Some pack and play offer a high position that can be used when the baby is still lying in order to spare the backs of parents.

Advice and more:

  • For the baby to be comfortable, it is best to install a play mat or blanket to the pack and play from the bottom and possibly a pack and play ride to prevent it from bumps.
  • It is created a universe with games that cling to the bars in order to be stimulated and not bored.
  • We must keep in mind that one day he will have enough of being in the pack and play, usually when walking and it will store the object.


There are two kinds of different pack and play: the “hard” pack and play that are mainly wood, metal and sometimes canvas pack and play. To choose the ideal pack and play between these different materials, follow the guide!


Robust, wooden pack and plays are ideal for baby. With its bars, baby can easily hold onto to keep up on time. The range of colors offered is vast. Thus, the wooden pack and play will easily harmonize with any interior.

The metal pack and play is less common. A bar, it can serve as security or as a room divider barrier as is the case for the baby pack and play set in white metal available. In addition, this pack and play opens and closes via a barrier…. So baby of installation is more comfortable for the parent.

These pack and play exist in several forms: square, rectangular or octagonal. You choose the shape and size for you according to your space…


Lightweight and foldable, the canvas pack and play is an extra pack and play. Easily transportable, you can take him on a weekend or holiday for baby fun. Practice, it can also serve as an extra bed!


Other differences can influence your choice. Including the evolving nature of the pack and play… Another important difference, mobile parks or not…


Some pack and play may have an adjustable bottom height generally on 3 levels. Once the baby is born, use a high setting and then down as and measurement of growth and evolution of your little one.

These pack and play are very convenient for both baby and parent whose back will be preserved. Beware, though, the adjustable bottom pack and play generally exist only wood release.

Pack and play with wheels

Practices with their wheels, mobile pack and play can be moved from room to room to meet your needs and the needs of the baby. To note, the options are of course compatible. It is indeed simple to find an evolutionary pack and play with wheels in the range of wooden pack and play.

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Key information of the pack and play for your baby

What is a baby pack and play?

The baby pack and play is both a place of rest, discovery and a secure play area for children with about 6 months. It can also be a mini gym and help your baby stand up and take his first steps. The infant pack and play also provide a play area for your child, which will be able to play safely even when you are not next to him. This is a handy accessory, which can be folded and put away after use. It is available in several models, enough to satisfy the preferences of each parent. And you can also bring it if you move (mostly with carry cases)

How to choose a baby pack and play?

The first criterion for choosing a baby pack and play is security. It is indeed important to choose for your child a baby pack and play meets all safety regulations. You must then find a baby pack and play model suitable for your home and your needs (or not transportable, foldable or not …). You will, therefore, choose between traditional pack and play models made of wood or so much trends models. If you want to buy a baby pack and play with occasional use and store afterwards, you can opt for the baby pack and play models as the folding bed, for example. By cons, if the baby pack and play is intended to remain in a specific space at home, it is best to opt for a model with a fixed structure. The price of the pack and play is also part of the criteria to be considered when buying. This price usually varies depending on the model and the material from which the article is made. However, it will provide between 50 and 170 euros to acquire a baby pack and play. Check out our complete guide to choose their baby pack and play for more information on the subject.

Different styles of the baby pack and play

There are two categories of the baby pack and play: baby pack and play with bars and babies pack and play with the transparent net. When acquiring, a baby pack and play offers a choice of wooden models, metal, plastic or fabric.

Wooden baby pack and play

This type of baby pack and play is probably the most common. It has the advantage of being easy to move and store when one needs to save space. It is ideal for a good psychomotor development of the child. The bars of this pack and play also allow the baby to have a small external perception and therefore do not feel isolated. In use, to avoid the baby fell on the floor and get hurt, you can install a play mat or a blanket so. This type of pack and play can also be equipped with wheels, which greatly facilitates its movement in the room. Please also note that some models are equipped with retractable bars to allow the child to come and go freely.

Plastic bar pack and play

Much less that the classic wooden bars pack and play, plastic bar pack and play is nevertheless a copy. The main difference between these models is the fact that the plastic pack and play is more flexible. Some models have a door. The plastic pack and play also less resistant than wood pack and play. For use over a long period, it is best to opt for the wooden model.

Fabrics pack and play

The installation of this type of baby pack and play is very easy. You can also easily transport to get to the pack and play, with friends or on holiday. It is also provided with a bottom mattress with the size of a bed that allows the child to take a nap when he wants to. Also, the sides in fabrics allow the baby to see what was happening outside while he is there.

These different types of pack and play are available from several brands to choose from. This for some of them stand out easily, but everything will depend on your taste.

That is all about the baby pack and play. Good luck with the purchase.

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Safe pack and play for baby

There are many types of pens can leave your baby while playing. The important thing is that they are resistant and adapt to the needs of parents and baby. Here are tips to choose the  best pack and play  for the safety of your baby.

Many times, parents need to perform another activity which requires much concentrate, therefore, it is essential to having a place to leave their babies. As this happens, a safe choice for the baby is the pack and play or playpen.

There is a variety: wood, grille, plastic, portable, but it is difficult to choose the right. In are some tips to help you combine your comfort and safety of the baby.

First, you must decide whether you will buy a used or new corral. There is also the option that someone can give you a second hand, but in these cases and when you opt for a used one, should take into account the date of manufacture. Ideally, that is after 2000, because it was found that some models before that date had structural deficiencies and broke more easily. In addition, it was much easier for the baby to escape.

Anyway, one of the basic points that must focus to choose a pen is that the separation between the grids of the mesh does not exceed half a centimeter since any part of the baby’s body can become trapped.

The recommendation is similar in the case of wooden pens. The separation should be minimal, no more than ten centimeters. This prevents your hands, head, feet or arms tangling between the edges of the pack and play.

If the pen has some type of mattress or blanket, you should not add another because the baby can get caught or drown. If you think it is very cold, better put your baby more clothes.

If you choose to use the pen as a cradle, you should consider having a weight limit, usually 13 kilos, and you should not overload it. Ideally, if you are going to use as a cradle, this is at most to ten months. So, your baby can play it quiet until about two years.

Safety Tips

  • The edges should be lined farmyard.
  • There should be no broken edge or element that can cause harm to the baby.
  • You should not miss any screw or staple the corral, as this could cause disarm and hurt your baby.
  • The pen must be installed away from outlets, stairs, where the sun and air currents directly arrive.
  • You can put two babies in a pen designed just for you.
  • If the pen has a changing table, you must remove it when the baby is inside.
  • When installing the corral, you must take care that each party is in the right place and very firm. Otherwise, the pen may collapse on the small or at rest on the edges, an adult falls on baby

Tips for choosing the safest baby pack and play

A good pack and play is the key to let babies sleep comfortable and safe.

Buy a pack and play for the baby can be one of the most exciting purchases of all the equipment needed to welcome the newest member of the family. But besides beauty and decoration should also follow a security parameter when choosing the right pack and play for the baby. Regularly, packs and plays are used during the first three years, but in other cases, the packs and plays can be converted into a bed, spreading further use.

It is important when selecting the cradle, that is comfortable for the baby but also for parents, ie it easy to lie down and take the baby out of the packs and plays without affecting the back of adults. There are a variety of packs and plays to choose from. It can start in the first months by a small crib, or if desired, a conventional cradle to last up to three years, or even a modular bed crib as a crib.

It is necessary to note that, in addition to sleep, safety standards are paramount when choosing the right pack and plays . Keep in mind that the material that is made is not toxic, separation of the bars should not be more than six centimeters, or should have loose or sharp edges. The mattress should fit snugly and not allow spaces, at least no more than two fingers between the mattress and the edge of the packs and plays . If it has wheels must have brakes, as well as if a cradle for use over a long period, you should be able to adapt to the growth of the baby as it grows you can jump from the cradle if it does not have enough depth.

Where to place the pack and plays is also essential and not necessarily thinking of decoration. It is not advisable to place it near a window, as well as being colder, it is dangerous for the baby is near curtains and rails. Nor it should be placed near heaters or air conditioners and fans. The padded protectors who stood around, no longer advisable. As for the safety monitor, it is highly recommended to keep away from the pack and plays lace monitor or use wireless to avoid accidents.

Pack and plays should not have loose objects that could suffocate the baby, to learn about how to keep babies safe and reduce sudden death syndrome, useful recommendations can be found by clicking here. As for the cot linen, there are many cute designs for this look beautiful, but when baby sleep is important to watch that is not too hot or cold and, especially, your face is not covered while sleeping .

Once cover baby safety, you can enjoy the choice of other elements to complement a very special room, such as cabinets and changers to save the cute baby clothes and everything that has to do with the decor and also the organization of the nursery.


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All about essential oil diffusers

Benefits of essential oil diffusers?

Besides the great advantage that there is constant is scattered in a delicious aromatic fragrance the air, for example, is the air humidity which can be maintained immediately also a big advantage. Be unclean odors effectively removes from the air. Bacteria such as staphylococci are destroyed with an aromatic odor like Eucalyptus. This kind of scents is known to have an antibacterial effect. As you are reading is a diffuser not only suitable for spreading a nice scent, but our aromatherapy diffusers do have several qualities and contribute to a healthier life.

Aromatherapy is an ancient phenomenon that is used in eliciting responses to certain smells and all the different enlightening, relaxing and therapeutic effects. Let you mind clarifying by adding a few drops of citronella in the evaporator. Citronella is also very suitable to keep insects out. You can also set up your own comfort room for yourself, family, friends, and acquaintances.

Essential oil diffusers

Life gets more and more stressful every day. Pressures of work, family, home and personal life building up to a point that health problems may be caused by high blood pressure or fatigue. There are several ways to relax, empty your head and let the body relax to get rid of the stress, but unfortunately too many of these methods with time-consuming or unpleasant procedures or expensive spa treatments. Instead, you can relax in the most soothing, familiar environment, ie home. The aromatherapy diffuser will give as true a therapeutic treatment to rid you of the stress. All you have to do is spray to do its work in your home – in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom or even at work. You can create a soothing atmosphere at work by turning on the nozzle into the office.

What makes the aromatherapy atomizer, unlike other relaxation remedies / methods?

Most aromatherapy products consist of ordinary candles or oil. That would smell nice, but the smell can really achieve? The essential oil diffusers really weave its therapeutic scent in the air and ensures that every breath you take is soothing for you.

1. The essential oil diffusers use ultrasonic waves to break down the perfumed oil. Instead of just lighting a candle, essential oil diffusers mix actually smell in the water and create a mist that spreads easily across the sky.

2. The vapor from the atomizer can actually kill bacteria in the air!
The vapor is not only to calm and relax but can actually help clean the air in the room and clean. It gets rid of bacteria and impurities and makes for a healthier living space for you.

3. By the addition of water, the atomizer may also give a facial
cleanse for your skin, open your pores and refresh your face by steaming your face with the essential oil diffusers.

4. The spray is very easy to use. When adding oil to other atomizers the oil may be spilled so you need to do more cleaning. The aromatherapy atomizer is quick and easy to use, clean and easy to fill.

5. Essential oil diffuser spray goes a long way! Fill only once in the essential oil diffusers and it works for five hours

6. The essential oil diffusers are economical with the aroma oil and energy efficient. The essential oil diffusers is fitted with a timer and it stops with diffuse from the vapor, after a certain period of time. This makes the life of the essential oil diffusers longer and the atomizer only works when you need it.

How essential oil diffusers can help you?

The injector has many benefits: it provides relaxation, is easy to use and has low maintenance. It reduces blood pressure and helps to get the body to rest. He helps you to become drowsy and can even help treat insomnia. Here are a few benefits that are found in essential oil diffusers reviews.

1. Purify the air around you

Let the essential oil diffusers cleans the air in the room, allowing you to breathe healthier air. The air will contain more pure oxygen, which can work wonders for your body and improve the various other bodily functions.

2. Improve your airways.

It’s true! You’ll be amazed at the power that pure therapeutic air to open your airways and causing the flow to more oxygen is facilitated.

3. Relieve stress

After a stressful, hectic day, the essential oil diffusers converts and simply breathe the delicious air. Let the scents in the vapor can relax and clear your head of all that stress.

4. Moisturize your skin.

Only add water to the nozzle and turn it on, and you’re ready for a steaming your face. This will unclog your pores and leads to healthy, smooth, younger looking skin – yes, the essential oil diffusers even has anti-aging benefits!

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Do you know how to pick up the right baby swing?

New parents who only want the best for their children may not know how to buy a baby swing for a better value. And to help you with the purchase, we will give you some tips to buy a good baby swing. Indeed, as it is an indispensable baby accessory, it is essential to learn how to choose. After looking for all baby swings reviews, here are some tips.

The safety of the baby swing

It is true that baby does not move much, but this is not a reason to neglect safety. Besides, if you have the assurance that your child is very young comfortably sitting in his swing, it will be easier to go about your business.

The first criterion is to look at the stability of the sun and for this you must make sure that the swing that has interested you a broad base to withstand all the baby weight. Also, choosing a baby swing equipped with a 5 point safety harness is really a good idea because it will prevent your child from slipping and falling. If you can also, choose a baby swing with a safety bar in addition to the harness.

Also, if you choose a baby swing with electric swing, always ensure that the proposed rates are reasonable for you to have peace of mind when you will not be in the same room as your baby. In any case, if you can opt for a sun lounger fitted with non-slip feet, please do so, it will only enhance the safety of your child.

The quality of the seat

Although a baby swing used to distract baby, it must still that enjoys a comfortable seat. For this, you need to build on the foundation fleece high density, as these are the most comfortable.

In addition, for comfort, baby swings that can tilt are good options. So, your baby could lie there to make a good nap in the hammock with a secure base.

In case you like walking with your baby, there are currently foldable and lightweight models that you can take with you. Moreover, with the best baby swing buying guide, you surely guide to the best models of swing for baby.

Finally, to avoid various allergies, choose the foundation of natural fibers.

Compatible accessories and maintenance

Small babies should always be stimulated for the proper functioning and development of their brains and thus, there are entirely designed accessories to be hung on the baby swings. In truth, there is awakening toys and colorful mobile with or without music you can hang the swing to entertain baby.

Also, as baby hygiene is important, so be sure to choose a model easy to clean and preferably resistant to various dirt. Once you have identified all the features of the baby swing that interest you, you can start looking for the place to buy a new baby swing.

Do not hesitate to ask a price comparison to make a good deal.

In recent years, baby swings have known a surprising development. Currently, several models allow connecting an MP3 for your child to be lulled by the music wherever you are.

Nevertheless, to avoid you to opt for a product that is not suitable for you, before buying one, consider some essential criteria such as your child’s age, weight, the ability to adjust the speed of rocking, the existence of a musical function and the ability to connect a mp3 player.

Whatever it is, if you plan to get a better quality product, we must accept to make some investment at the time of acquisition.

I have bought a baby swing last month. This model has a TrueSpeed technology that offers six different speeds depending on the age of your child. It features a Comfort Recline seat can be adjusted to two different positions to optimize the comfort of your child when you put it in the sun. It is accompanied by a musical based on six songs with the possibility of adjusting the volume. To maximize the comfort of your child and to ensure that it is comfortable regardless of its movements, this model comes with an integrated seal and a removable headrest. Moreover, it is accompanied by activity bar and plush toys can rotate so you can easily access your child when you have vied to take it. What baby swings choose if we want to distract him and allow him to relax at the same time? Go out and look for one,there are many models can match your criteria.



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